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Meesh ~ (n) 26 year old feme. East Coast/ West Coast/ Southern native. Former music major (upright bass performance) who is currently serving back via ministry.
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Snapshot of the ending of a park run.

So as of recent I have taken on a new hobby… Running.

The fact that I’ve started running is amazing because I have absolutely despised running my entire childhood and adult life. But over the summer I just couldn’t take the gym anymore so I took my workout to the track one sunny day and realized I’m pretty darn good at this. Not to mention I pick some beautiful spots to run in the city (with some amazingly physique fellas).

Since then I’ve joined the my local track club and spent a stupid about of cash on gear and technology. But I wouldn’t change this feeling for the world. I mean, I never thought I’d be averaging 4.5 miles a run. I love it!

Got me feelin’ like a BEAST!