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Meesh ~ (n) 26 year old feme. East Coast/ West Coast/ Southern native. Former music major (upright bass performance) who is currently serving back via ministry.
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3.1 miles. 25 obstacles. Mud. Fire. Barbed wire. Tunnels. Ropes. Cuts. Bruises and much much more!!! Had to be batsh** crazy to sign up. BUT THIS WAS WORTH IT. So much fun! Shout out to @jape5 with the real thing tomorrow #toughmudder!! (at Rugged Maniac)

I don’t trust too many musicians. When I say “trust” in reference to music I’m speaking of the ability to sit in the audience, close your eyes and know that you will be moved to tears, filled with laughter, rushed into excitement and given goosebumps. Wynton Marsalis is a musician I trust to do just that. Original arrangements plus covers from Mingus, Monk, Brubeck and more! I always leave on cloud 9. #thatsmyuncle #notreallybuticanwish #wyntonmarsalis #jazzatlincolncenterorchestra (at Atlanta Symphony Hall)

Met Taylor. His first time in Atlanta. Super sweet. Killed it. Body Rolls. I got my life. Give the drummer some. Brain feeder has some amazing artist. stonesthrow who? I might have a crush on him. I might have a crush on them. Beatboxed like whaaaaa? Did I mention body rolls. Mars Volta drummer. Heck yesssss. #InNoSpecificOrder (at 529)

Tea, emails and Thundercat on bass. A good morning indeed. Happy Saturday!

6.2 miles in 1:12. Not happy with my time buuuuuut Happy Fourth!!! #peachtreeroadrace (at Piedmont Park)

#MusicHead …

Open Preliminary at @NCVS. Tyler Perry, Chelsea Clinton, Dr Bernice King, Andrew Young, Rev CT Vivian, Rep John Lewis, Neil Bush, Mayor Kasim Reed… Great start to conference! (at Georgia World Congress Center)

Rev CT Vivian, Rep John Lewis and Ambassador Andrew Young on a Panel Moderated by Bernice King. *hyperventilates* 😳😁😁😁😁😃 (at Georgia World Congress Center)

Saturday runs in the A 😊 #FILA

Love this kid! You can’t sit with us. #godbro

Fendy, Arturo, Mahogany, and Bassie are leaving storage and coming home with Mama today!!!

Super Con this A.M.!!! Let’s go! #SUPERCONFUNRUN2014

#BravesCountry (at Turner Field)

Post-race moves | Happy Record Store Day. Get out there and buy some vinyls CDs and cassettes today!!! #recordstoreday (at Fantasyland Records)

A little rain won’t stop us. #cantstopwontstop #badboy #eheh #atlantatrackclub #atc #5k (at Atlanta Track Club Singleton 5k)